Romney to NAACP: Obama made it worse for you ‘in almost every way’

July 11, 2012

I do believe Mitt Romney has a solid work ethic. Along with that, I'm told his time as a missionary steeled him for the long, hard road of winning converts, obviously in a different context. Still, given the extent to which the black voter margin matters to Obama – and it does matter, dont kid yourself – I'm not going to write these outreach efforts off as not worthwhile. They are – at many levels.

Mitt Romney told the NAACP on Wednesday that President Obama has made it worse for African-Americans “in almost every way.”

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  1. Lightwave says:

    If black voters were interested in the truth, they’d be voting 100% Republican. As would everyone in America. Congressman Allen West would be hailed as a hero by black leaders across the country.
    What has 50 years of victimhood gotten you?