Dear Thad McCotter: Did you say that?

July 30, 2011


By Sissy Willis of sisu

"Did you say that?" we twittered Illinois Michigan Congressman and transcendent presidential candidate Thad McCotter (above) a moment ago, wounded that our constitutional-conservative hero — he of the Red EyeSeize Freedom silver tongue — had reportedly said something so profoundly shtupid:

"We cannot unite America if we divide the movement," McCotter warned. "Consequently, the time has come for the Tea party to grow up and the Republican Party to wake up and come together to serve and save this great nation."

Time to grow up? From our venerable roost here on the Medicare side of the henhouse we lashed out with wounded pride …

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  1. Growing up hurts sometimes. If you want to preen morally without practical effect, start a think tank or something.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. Dan says:

    He’s from Michigan not Illinois.

  3. Jacksonian Libertarian says:

    The moment the going gets tough, the establishment Republicans forget all of their loosely held principles. Shut it down, it worked in Minnesota.

  4. Sissy Willis says:

    Thanks, Dan. Have corrected.

  5. gary gulrud says:

    Republicans aren’t worth picking over, primary every last one.

  6. Sissy Willis says:

    Good enough for Michelle Malkin’s Buzzworthy. Just sayin’. :)

  7. BR says:

    He’s lasted where he is, this long, by getting mushy when he has to. It’s a suburban but heavy UAW district (I live there). Life’s not perfect- ultimately, it’s the electorate.

  8. Sissy, I encourage you to read what he did to us here in Michigan during the SCHIP battle. I’m shamelessly linking to my post on it in my signature. He was solidly opposed, telling us and the country, with eloquence and passion, that the very soul of the Republican Party would be lost forever if the bill passed.
    Then he voted for it.
    Words can’t describe the kick in the gut he gave those of us working out on the front lines, and he never even looked back.
    He’s dangerous – he’s charismatic and engaging, and I predict that after he gets a little debate time, the desperate conservatives will gravitate to him just because he’s a fresh face with little national baggage. Be warned – he folds often, and he folds hard. But then again, Michigan Republicans are about like California and Illinois Republicans….they’re pathetic, weak centrists.

  9. westie says:

    I saw McCotter interviewed on C-Span yesterday…let me just say he is much, much better when he’s behind the podium giving a stem winder. IMO during the CSpan interview he came off as shifty, arrogant and possibly stoned….very disappointing and McCotter calling for the TP to grow up is the utmost stupidity, he’s really a flake.

  10. Sissy Willis says:

    Thank you all for the great comments.
    Special thanks to BR and angelatc for your insights — and the link! < -- Click and read. There's nothing like a constituent to pull back the curtain.
    The Thad McCotter I "know" is all smoke and mirrors and the glamour of RedEye. Am currently reading his book, Seize Freedom, which sounds good on paper, or should I say on the desktop Kindle?
    See also my May 2010 post "Et tu, Thad McCotter?" (Not as dumb as I look?).