William Gheen Is Human Garbage We And Lindsey Graham Should Ignore

April 21, 2010

I detest Lindsey Graham's political positions on several issues. But that's politics, not personal. But this Gheen fellow is obviously nothing more than a headline-grabbing piece of human garbage who will do nothing but hurt whatever issue with which he happens to be aligned.

His ugliness does not warrant a response from Senator Graham. And any group, or individual aligned with Gheen should disassociate themselves immediately.

Besides, as I said on Twitter, no gay man would be caught dead with a haircut as bad as Graham's.

Seriously though, this is ugly stuff and it has no place in our politics, nor does William Gheen. He's a piece of trash the Right should not haul around.

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  1. seekeronos says:

    It’s nothing more than an ad-homonim (heh!) attack.
    I’ve no sympathy for the limousine liberal from South Carolina known as Senator Graham though, and I only hope that his primary opponent is able to distance him self from any connection to Mr. Gheen.

  2. carol says:

    I can not stand Lindsey Graham but it is his policy positions that affect me not his sexual orientation. I make it my policy not to concern myself with anyone’s sexual practices unless they involve me. Sadly, it almost never does.

  3. Elmo says:

    Without parsing the why’s and wherefores … of this event. NOT held on the past Thursday (and I may have caught a snippet on the tube?).
    “Over the weekend, an even-crazier-than-usual Tea Party event was held in Greenville, South Carolina, and it was, by one account, ‘probably the craziest, most violence-strewn Tea Party event so far’.”
    So, myself won’t rush to condemn/paint/tar all there, with one brush [and do I have to actually say tis NOMB? (Graham)]. So, we’ll just point to the superficial nature of the report … and say (tis): the exception that proves the rule.

  4. Calypso Jones says:

    I can’t stand how Graham screws us to the wall every chance he gets….so…. I’m not bothered abit for him to be put in the hotseat. Frankly, I have not figured out how he could be anything OTHER than a flamer.

  5. john ryan says:

    are you all serious?
    everybody, and i mean everybody in charleston knows about lindsey,
    and his lifestyle.
    it never bothered him before–he simply dismisses it out of hand.
    all you have to do is pay attention. if it walks like a——
    he’s getting himself in trouble; not because of the gay thing–but because he is forgetting conservative values.
    sen.mcconnell has zero problems with the gay thing–because he espouses
    conservative principles consistently.

  6. Terry in Georgia says:

    I agree with Dan on this one, totally. Lindsey Graham does enough on his own to warrant my disappointment. While I have agreed with him at times in the past, he is about ready to completely lose any respect I may have had for his position. Never would I make a political choice simply on rumors or facts about private matters that do not relate to job performance.
    I received an e-mail from this idiot yesterday. As I read through the post and approached the hateful parts, I just flipped it to the delete pile. Later yesterday, I got another e-mail that asked for help promoting a video link because he had so much angry mail. I immediately replied to have my e-mail taken off their list. I hope Dan and I were not the only two to disassociate.

  7. Calypso Jones says:

    Hold it. So now i know for sure that Graham is a sodomite and i like that no better than i like Frank sitting in Congress as a REPRESENTATIVE?? OH HELL NO.